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About us

At Pretty Boi Co. we want to be a part of your personal skincare routine. It’s not just about selling you amazing skin care products, it’s to ensure you own every room you enter with great looking skin and we stand by it.

Finally, Simple, Effective, & Easy To Use Skin Care Products for Men. 

We've done our research and read hundreds of reviews in search of what Men want when it comes to skincare: 

It should:

  1. Do what it says it’s gonna do
  2. Be simple to use
  3. Feel light-weight/not oily
  4. Use only the best ingredients for fresh skin that glows

So, we listened, we’re here to simplify your skin care routines and introduce multi-beneficial skin care products.

Men are now realizing there is nothing wrong with the upkeep and maintenance on their faces. The idea of self care is no longer Taboo and skincare is not just about the skin anymore- it’s about how we feel from the inside out.

So more men are jumping aboard, but there is a problem; when it comes to Men’s skincare, it’s difficult to navigate through a flood of information and find the right products that just simply work. We’ve worked hard to take out the guesswork and time, your skin is in good hands with Pretty Boi Co. 

Our products are designed specifically to make you look and feel better as a Man. Formulated just for Men - our skin is thicker, firmer and oiler than our lady counterparts. And what we do to our faces on a daily basis is very different as well. Women aren't dragging razors or shavers across their faces daily and most Men aren’t using makeup wipes every night to cleanse our pores. We’re passionate about bringing Men awesome skincare products and bringing forward skincare solutions that are made from the freshest natural ingredients that just simply work. All of our skin care products will meet the demands of your busy lifestyle and reveal your skin's true aesthetics, giving you that extra boost in confidence.

This is about bringing the world’s best skincare to the modern man and help guys look their absolute best.


-Pretty Boi Co.

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